Spark Welding Boots

The Rock Fall 100% non-metallic, with protective toecap and midsole, Spark is a welding boot developed with specialist durability materials that are certified to withstand molten sparks generated whilst welding, including FORCE10® components, FR leather and Coats® FR stitching and Ortholite® climate breathable footbed.

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Rock Fall RF5000 Spark Welders Safety Boots are premium quality, 100% metal-free, welding safety boots. Manufactured from black, flame retardant buffalo leather fitted with a Velcro fastened leather flap, stitched with flame-resistant stitching. Manufactured and certified to the latest welding standard - REV2010.

The welding boots are fitted with an impact-resistant, fibreglass toecap and a composite, penetration resistant midsole. The soles are FORCE10 heavy-duty nitrile that is SRC slip resistant rated, providing the highest levels of slip resistance available. Ideal for use in any welding applications or foundry use.

The workboots uppers are manufactured from fire retardant buffalo leather with flame-resistant stitching. The insole is full length and removable. The outsole is FORCE10 heavy-duty solid nitrile.

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