PARKER TORCHOLOGY’s innovative passion for the improvement of welding and cutting torches makes them the clear choice for our preferred brand to offer.


  • Screwless designed handle with soft grips for improved balance and positioning. Quick disassemble for rapid fault analysis.
  • The addition of a knuckle joint enables efficient rotation for awkward positions.
  • Cable supports combine flexibility with smooth consistent wire feed and ultimate heat protection and abrasion resistance.


  • Produced from premium grade silicon rubber.
  • Torch bodies are available in standard, flexible, long flexible and special access options. Flex neck coil elements developed with specific grade coppers for extended flex life.
  • Premium grade cable hose materials for improved flexibility and service life.

Welding Torches

No products were found matching your selection.


We offer all grades and diameters of mig wire, tig rods and MMA rods. Carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminium, dissimilar, silicone bronze we supply it all, please call.


We offer a comprehensive range of gas welding and cutting equipment. Gas regulators, gas hose, flashback arrestors and cutting torches. Safety and reliability are the key factors with gas associated products. Gas regulators conform to UK standards ISO2503 and all products are secondary tested at UK facilities.


We supply mig, tig and plasma machines to meet the needs of all processes, from carbon steel mig welding to more advanced Pulse Synergic Migs for efficient aluminium mig welding and also DC & ACDC Tig Welding.

All welding & cutting machines we sell offer advanced technology at affordable prices.

We also offer welding machine repairs, servicing and calibrations.
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